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                    Unitech Technology provides intelligent systems to protect industrial safety with innovative technology. At the same time, based on the centralized control automation of substation dispatching, facing the Energy Internet, we improve the efficiency of energy utilization and operation management.

                    • Power System

                      Provide one-stop solution for power security and intelligence.

                    • Petroleum Chemical

                      Make the petrochemical industry to be intelligent.

                    • Electric Railways

                      Accelerate the power supply operation and maintenance reform.

                    • Metallurgy

                      Help the metallurgical industry to be intelligent.

                    • Coal Mine

                      Build intelligent and safe coal mine with 5G.

                    • Communication Network

                      Help tower base station security control with inteliigent technology.

                    • Smart Grid

                      Target on Energy Internet.


                    Integrated with the innovative technology of Cloud computing, big data, Internet of things, mobile Internet and smart cit, we can customize the solutions for different industries by flexibly combine the products.

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